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    ZAP Cassettes was established in December 2006 as a one-off label for the first Pirate Fucking Radio cassette. Since then, it has become an experiment for releasing and distributing music by an eclectic set of acquaintances.

    ZAP Cassettes was founded in Augusta, Georgia. It is currently operated out of Brooklyn, New York with some confidants located in Atlanta, Georgia.

    I think they said it well:
       "We have not entered the tape renaissance. Tapes have never gone away. Long abandoned by the recording industry, its status as preferred portable usurped by CDs and MP3s, the cassette still marches forward, championed by the tiniest of the tiny start-up labels and, increasingly, those looking for an alternative to digitization and the tyranny of flat formats. The recording technology is dirt cheap, reproduction is a breeze, and packaging is a blast. Cassettes elicit a fervor of fandom rivaled only by top-shelf vinyl." -Stylus Magazine

    She also put it nicely:
       "Tapes now function as a basic form of patronage between musicians and their audience; since a physical format is no longer necessary to send or receive music, these objects become a gesture of support. Tapes act to make tangible the connection between a creator and their listeners, and the attentive and often handmade packaging speaks to this exchange." -Ceci Moss

       "I also want to stress the politics and resistance often involved in analog culture. Some, not all, see it as a critique of consumer capitalism and the seductive marketing of the 'always new', along with the ability to refuse the dictates of a perceived planned obsolescence and to choose inventions from any period that satisfy the quality of experience, however subjective or unpopular. It's often a 'fuck-you' to contemporary fads by discriminating artists who have experienced the difference. Tools of self-determination & definition. A form of preservation & psychic resistance. Besides, some things were just made better." -Bradley Eros, from "ANALOG (arguments & affirmations)"

    Releases are available directly from us for $5 + $1.50 shipping. Please visit our online store to purchase.

    Whenever possible, we host free + downloadable preview MP3s of our releases here.

    All inquiries (questions, comments, criticisms, suggestions, ordering problems, etc.) should be sent to: zapcassettes@gmail.com

    We tweet at: @zapcassettes

    We Instagram at: @zapcassettes

    We SoundCloud at: soundcloud.com/zap-cassettes

    Who We Are...

    * John Klax, Founder & Archivist
        Brooklyn, NY

    * Jack, Alcohol Tsar
        Atlanta, GA

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